Board of Directors & Staff

RMC Foundation Mission

To engage alumni, and Canadians alike, in donorship and sponsorship activities above and beyond the mandate of the Canadian Forces to preserve and enhance the experience, history, traditions and culture of the Canadian Military Colleges as we grow and develop Canada’s future leaders.

RMC Foundation Board of Directors

Board Executive

15946 Jill Carleton

Current President

Class of 1987

18524 Chris Theal

Past President

Class of 1992

17203 George Lundy


Class of 1990

12141 Bryn Weadon


Class of 1979

Committee Chairs

19987 Scott Treadwell

Chair – Investment Committee

Class of 1995

17203 George Lundy

Chair – Gifting Committee

Class of 1990

16598 Scott Stevenson

Chair – Audit Committee

Class of 1988

18060 Pascal Becotte

Chair – Fundraising Committee

Class of 1992


Ms. Margot Naudie


16286 Carolyn Hug


Class of 1989

8037 David Gregory


Class of 1970

15673 Joe Morin


Class of 1986

19205 Claude Martel


Class of 1994

RMC Foundation Staff

Nancy Marr

Executive Vice-President

The EVP ensures appropriate resources are effectively in place to support the vision, values and goals of the Foundation.

613.541.6000 ext 6697

Riley Jessup

Administrative Assistant

Responsible for administrative functions in support of the RMC Foundation’s mission.

613.541.6000 ext 6918

Jennifer Jordan

Fundraising Coordinator

Responsible for Donor relations along with being in charge of Communications and Marketing.

613.541.6000 ext 6807

Brenda Tibbutt

Finance Clerk

Responsible for the Accounting and Financial Reporting.

613.541.6000 ext 6690