RMC Saint-Jean 45th Annual Broomball Tournament

RMC Broomball Team

This year was the 45th Annual Broomball tournament at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean. For Officer Cadets, this tournament is an opportunity to put their studies aside for a weekend and have fun. In addition, this tournament promotes the development of team spirit, competitive spirit, and strengthens the bonds Cadets have with other Ex-Cadets. For…

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The Rugby family comes full circle at RMC


Over reunion weekend, a rather special event took place on the Center Field. In the annual Alumni v Cadets game, as 3 ex-cadets were able to line up against their sons on the rugby pitch. For 16598 Scott Stevenson (RRMC 1988), 18808 Damian Brooks (RMC 1993) and 19987 Scott Treadwell (RRMC/RMC 1995), it was a…

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RMC Saint-Jean European Military Student Cooperation

European military student cooperation | RMC Foundation

For the past 2 years RMC Saint-Jean has been invited to the Leonidas Trophy event at Thermopylae area, Hellas to participate in a historical 25 km trek on the Kallidromos Mountain to honour the battle of Leonidas.  Students also participated from other European military academies including the Belgian, Polish, Austrian, Italian, Dutch, French, Bulgarian, Romanian…

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OUA Cancels Winter Sports

After cancelling fall play in June, the OUA, under the direction of its Board of Directors, has cancelled all sanctioned sport programming and championship play up to March 31, 2021. At RMC, Thursday’s decision affects the regular season and championships of the varsity hockey, volleyball, and fencing teams. Additionally, U SPORTS announced that it cannot offer the 2021 winter national championships…

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