User Guide

Registering For An Account

  1. To apply to the RFF System, visit the Account Registration page.
  2. You will receive an initial email to acknowledge your registration and provide the username and password you entered. Please retain this information for logging in once approved.
  3. The Foundation will review and approve all applicant accounts. You will receive an email notice once you are approved and directed to log into your new account through the My Account page.
  4. You can update your contact information via the form available on the My Account page. Please leave the password field empty to preserve the password you entered at registration.
  5. Click on Apply Now to complete the RFF application for the intended department.
  6. Should you forget your password and lose access to your account, visit the Reset Password page.


You will not be able to access the RFF System until you receive the second email confirming your approval.

The system will validate information entered and prompt users should changes be required.


Usernames can only contain letters, numbers and .-_*@. Examples: Jane_Doe; john.doe


Passwords must contain at least:

  • A digit
  • An Uppercase letter
  • A lowercase letter
  • Minimum 8 characters required


Inbox / Status Pages

  1. Once you complete your initial RFF application, entries move to the intended Department for review. As the applicant, you will receive an email notification if revisions are required or your application is rejected.
  2. Applicants can visit the RFF Status to view their applications.
  3. The Inbox will provide you with any actionable items and inform you of any outstanding tasks.


  1. You will receive an email notification if your application requires any Revisions.
  2. Notes provided in the Timeline (pictured below) will provide you with the required revisions. Editable fields are highlighted with a green background.
  3. You are able to add your own Notes BEFORE clicking Submit.


Assignees are the designated recipients for a particular RFF application. Notifications will arrive via email when you receive a new application that requires your review or input.

  1. You will receive a notification asking you to log into your account and review your Inbox. The inbox contains all the messages related to applications for your department.
  2. Simply clicking on each entry will take you to the review screen for that particular application.
  3. The review screen includes an area for you to provide Notes for the Applicant. The notes area will be included in the Timeline at the bottom of the page and helps the Applicant make any changes needed when you click Revise.
  4. Approve, Reject and Revise buttons move the application along in the process. Approve moves the application to the next step and Reject ends the process for the application altogether. Please add any notes before clicking any of these buttons.
  5. The Revise feature will notify the applicant to make changes, according to the notes you provide. Please add your notes before clicking the Revise button.
  6. Once you Approve an application, you will be prompted to rank the importance of the entry. A field will be highlighted for you to choose from the dropdown provided.


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