The Journey of a Champion

The Journey of a Champion:  Officer Cadet 29199 Hannah Lee and her quest for Gold What makes a Champion? Is it how many hours you log training? Is it a show of your determination? Is it how much you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal? Is it your passion for your sport, or…

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RMC Redmen Reunite

It is the longest running International Hockey Series in the world. This year was the 84th edition to this historic hockey rivalry.   It is a game of skill, sacrifice, and tradition.  It is a game where Truth, Duty, Valour meets Duty, Honor, Country in a battle of excellence. It was a tense and thrilling 60…

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RMC Kilimanjaro Team Reaches the Summit

After almost 2 years of planning and preparation, a team of 9 OCdts and a MWO from RMC headed to Tanzania to conquer the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, heritage, wonder and highest point in Africa, the one and only: Mt. Kilimanjaro. The tallest point, Uhuru Peak, sitting at 5,895m (19,341ft), was reached by the team at around 6:45am (GMT+3) on 27 December…

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RMC Saint-Jean annual Bilingualism Battle

On November 7, close to 250 officer cadets from the Royal Military College Saint-Jean met in the Vanier Auditorium for the annual Bilingualism Battle organized by our second language teachers. Representatives from all four squadrons (Tracy, Jolliet, Richelieu, and Iberville) took part in several challenges – such as a few Jeopardy rounds – that were…

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RMC Debate and International Affair Society (DIAS)

The RMC Debate and International Affair Society (DIAS) sent 25 officer cadets to the Queen’s Model United Nations Invitational (QMUNi) from November 14th to November 17th. Celebrating its fifth iteration this year, QMUNi has become one of Canada’s top Model UN conferences, drawing over 300 delegates to Kingston for a unique weekend to discuss, debate,…

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Canso Investment Counsel Ltd Named Entertainment Sponsor for 11th Annual TPL Gala

Carswell TPL 2019

The True Patriot Love Foundation hosted their 11th Annual TPL Tribute Gala on Thursday 7 November at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  This year’s gala showcased the national impact made through TPL’s support of community programs and organizations across Canada. Canso Investment Counsel is a proud supporter of the RMC Foundation and has been…

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CMR Saint-Jean Campus Life Committee

RMC Saint-Jean Campus Life Committee

On Saturday, October 5, 2019,Officer Cadets went hiking and apple picking.  An activity organized by the Campus Life Committee. Eight OCdts took part in this cohesion activity. We started with hiking at Mont St-Grégoire where the OCdts were able to enjoy a beautiful sunny day to admire the colours of autumn along the trails. We…

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Combat Weapons Team

Combat Weapons Team | RMC Foundations

The purpose of the Combat Weapons Team is to teach members basic to advanced fighting drills with the C7 rifle, C8 carbine, Browning 9mm pistol, and Remington 12 gauge shotgun.  The skills taught include various fighting stances, tactical reloading, weapon transitioning, fire and movement, multiple target engagements, and reaction engagements. The Combat Weapons Team is…

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Recreational Clubs Class and the Class of 1962 Support

Recreational club support | RMC Foundations

The RMC Recreational Clubs received $30,000 in support this year from the Class of 1962.  This support allowed over 600 Officer Cadets to participate in the following clubs: Judo Bilingualism Curling Chess Ice Climbing Astronomy Rowing Sport Parachuting Multisport Club Aviation Club The Class of 1962 has agreed to support the Recreational Clubs from their…

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